Our Approach

Thomas Cisneros III, the President of Armor Affiliates Inc. has intervened with the project architects to correct flawed designs, and or products that do not hold up to their listed specifications.  His background in design, construction management, installation inspections, working along his field workers, brings more then just a name.  It brings a quality of assurance that your project is better built.  Our work comes with a 2 year warranty, to assure the customer that we stand by them even after the work is done.

Our Story

Thomas Cisneros III studied  architectural engineering  at the University of Texas at Austin from 1974 thru 1976 completing his Junior year, and acquiring 94 credit hours.  Graduated top 10 of his graduating class of 115 from Karnes City High School in 1974.

In the summers of 1974 & 1975 Thomas worked with Brown & Root in the Petrochemical Plant expansion Division, and in 1976 he hired on full time with Brown & Root building refineries with the Petrochemical Division then transferred to the Power Division building Nuclear Power Plants.  Thomas transferred to IMCO Services A Division of Haliburton in November of 1976 as a Project Construction Manager.  His role involved team design, and construction of mining, and chemical processing plants. In his professional role with these companies as part of the design team and project manager for construction, he helped build facilities in Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Missouri. His career in project management also included roles in commercial construction building a unique Hotel 1982-1984 (YO Hilton Inn in Kerrville Texas), and office complexes in Texas thru 1986.  Thomas was hired at the University of Texas Physical Plant Construction and Planning Division in 1986 thru 1994 where he became one of the Top Mangers in Construction.  He was honored to be selected as the Project Manager to take care of the Chancellor’s house for both Mark Hans, and William Cunnigham, in charge of construction renovation projects on the grounds and Home.

Later Tom transferred to General Service Commission in 1994 upon request from an associate Amado Ramirez who had taken a position of Division Director of Construction & Maintenance.  I had worked with Mr. Ramirez thru many difficult projects at the University of Texas during his position as MEP Engineer in the A&E department of the Physical Plant.  Mr. Ramirez trusted my judgement in construction planning, & estimating.  I worked at the General Service Commission Construction Maintenance Division for 1 year.

Thomas Cisneros III started Armor Sealants & Firestopping in 1995, and in 1997 Thomas & his wife Sandra decided to incorporate.  Armor Affiliates Inc. was formed in 1997, and Armor Sealants & Firestopping became a Division of Armor Affiliates Inc.  The company is a family owned and operated business, managed by both Thomas Cisneros III president,  and his wife Sandra, Vice President of the company.
Because of Tom’s diverse professional experience, his company has completed special projects on occasion from tilt wall building construction, to restoration of 5 of the 7  flood gates at  Longhorn Dam in downtown Austin. The company has participated as a City of Austin certified company in countless city projects over the past 20 years with over 50 City Austin projects, averaging 5-6 city projects in some years. The Company is also a State of Texas certified HUB.

Meet the Team



Thomas Cisneros III

( Owner / Chief Estimator)

Since his study at UT Austin Tx, Thomas Cisneros III has designed and managed industrial, chemical, commercial, retail, multi-family, and restoration projects.  His knowledge has carried Armor into the fore front of the waterproofing and fire-stopping industry.  Armor Sealants & Firestopping from 1995 thru 2001 lead in the firestopping industry as the specialty trade installer of firestop systems performing work for all of the MEP and wall installations.  In 2001 Armor Sealants & Firestopping took a bigger role in waterproofing/fireproofing/caulking/coatings applications.



Paul Cisneros

Operations Manager 

Paul Cisneros, has taken up the family business, and has learned from his father Thomas Cisneros III.  His role is to ensure that the quality of the applications are of high standard an Armor approved.  Firestopping, Fireproofing, and Waterproofing are of High Life Safety Standards applications that should not be taken lightly.  As a company we take pride in going the extra mile to keep occupants safe.


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